Definition of manhole in US English:



  • A small covered opening in a floor, pavement, or other surface to allow a person to enter, especially an opening in a city street leading to a sewer.

    • ‘A blind man once fell into a sewer because the iron manhole cover was missing.’
    • ‘This meant that a milkman who was injured by a defective manhole cover could not sue the owner of the land over which the right of way passed.’
    • ‘Our newest manholes were only about 15 years old, and we were finding a lot of problems with those.’
    • ‘Mr Moriarty said residents in the estate noticed there seemed to be a lot of activity regarding the manholes in the area over the previous fortnight.’
    • ‘The sewer grills and manhole covers have already been soldered into place.’
    • ‘The troops then dropped smoke bombs into the sewers through the manholes.’
    • ‘The second phase, in May, will shift the focus to the hazards of fires, illegal electricity connection, construction sites and uncovered manholes.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the circle isn't the only shape that would work safely as a manhole cover.’
    • ‘I have also noted that the manhole covers on the site were well maintained.’
    • ‘Of course these things are never easy; the manhole cover had rusted into position.’
    • ‘Less than an hour later, they uncovered a metal door the size of a manhole cover.’
    • ‘They both found a manhole cover and climbed back down into the sewer system.’
    • ‘A mother is recovering at home after plunging six feet into the ground after a manhole collapsed beneath her.’
    • ‘A woman was trapped for more than an hour after a manhole cover collapsed under her feet, plunging her into the drain below.’
    • ‘It was circular and about seven feet in diameter, like a giant manhole cover.’
    • ‘Water towers, well heads, manholes and fire hydrants are not typically secure, and are considered the most vulnerable points of a water system.’
    • ‘The location of conduits termination within manholes shall be identified by Communications Services.’
    • ‘My son-in-law says the manhole cover is down in the hole, smashed up.’
    • ‘It's rusty water, leaking from conduit lines beneath a manhole cover on Riggs Road.’
    • ‘Unprotected manholes can fill up with silt, as can associated piping.’