Definition of Manhattan clam chowder in English:

Manhattan clam chowder


  • A chowder made with clams, vegetables, salt pork, and seasonings in a tomato-based broth.

    • ‘Although many diners and restaurants serve Manhattan clam chowder full of potatoes, this recipe ignores them and is much more delicate and interesting as a consequence.’
    • ‘What began as a waterfront fish market is now a popular location for a simple soft shell crab sandwich or New England and Manhattan clam chowders.’
    • ‘Well-seasoned New England and Manhattan clam chowders are also everything they should be.’
    • ‘But because I use tomatoes instead of cream, Manhattan clam chowder is less fatty.’
    • ‘If you happen to be a big fan of Manhattan clam chowders, tomato is still appropriate.’
    • ‘This week's recipe for Manhattan clam chowder provides a filling centerpiece to an autumn meal.’
    • ‘Some historians say that Manhattan clam chowder was originally called Coney Island Clam Chowder.’
    • ‘Apparently, the origins of Manhattan clam chowder have very little to do with New York and a lot to do with the New England-based Portuguese community, but at the time I was none the wiser.’
    • ‘Oh, and both the New England and Manhattan clam chowders hit the spot.’
    • ‘So Dana and I decided to order Manhattan clam chowder (which I'd heard was very good there) and a fried oyster appetizer, despite Dana's squeamishness.’
    • ‘Start with a cup of Manhattan clam chowder and a shrimp salad, then enjoy one jumbo shrimp, one fish fillet, two scallops and two oysters, all breaded daily on the premises and golden fried.’
    • ‘Everyone has heard of New England and Manhattan clam chowders.’