Definition of mangiacake in US English:



derogatory, informal
  • (among Canadians of Italian descent) a person who is not Italian.

    ‘don't be a mangiacake and ask for grated cheese’
    • ‘We mangiacakes whispered the names "Rocco Perri" and "Johnny Papalia" with terror and admiration.’
    • ‘If you heard that an Italian girl was marrying a non-Italian, a mangia-cake, it was a scandal.’
    • ‘You insignificant slice of mangiacake!’
    • ‘He figures this 'mangia cake' won't understand the sacrilege of beer and pasta.’
    • ‘This week's Soppressata Contest at Club Italia - a celebration of the homemade pork sausage - was an overwhelming feast for the senses for this mangiacake from eastern Ontario.’
    • ‘Joe told jokes about the kind of guilt Italian mothers put on their kids and how he always had a better lunch than the “mangiacake” (non-Italian, English-speaking) kids at school.’
    • ‘I always tell them you guys speak Italian like a mangiacake.’


1970s: from Italian mangiare ‘to eat’ + cake, apparently with dismissive reference to the type of food regarded as typically favored by non-Italians in Canada.