Definition of manfully in English:



  • In a manful way; bravely.

    ‘his boys strove manfully to accomplish the task’
    • ‘England coped manfully without him, but they will rue his absence if Australia continue to fight hard today and finally top 400 for the first time in the series.’
    • ‘He toiled manfully with the task, bravely maintaining that the national picture was not as grim as the newspapers would have us believe.’
    • ‘He manfully fielded tough questions about precisely how brilliant his leadership was and the personal toll of improving the lives of every living creature in his kingdom.’
    • ‘Dawkins writes of how he manfully and loudly sings it the ‘correct’ way when he's at one of these gatherings, but to no avail.’
    • ‘You cannot win without scoring, and aside from Rooney, who was trying so manfully to be all things to England's attack, nobody but Owen was going to finish the job.’
    bravely, courageously, boldly, gallantly, pluckily, heroically, intrepidly, fearlessly, valiantly, dauntlessly
    resolutely, determinedly, stoutly, stout-heartedly, stalwartly, hard, strongly, vigorously, with might and main, like a trojan
    with all one's strength, to the best of one's abilities, as best one can, desperately, with desperation, with all the stops out
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