Definition of maneuverable in English:


(British manoeuvrable)


  • (especially of a craft or vessel) able to be maneuvered easily while in motion.

    • ‘On one hand, helicopters are more maneuverable over a target and can get closer to the ground.’
    • ‘Almost half of the tiny craft was a fusion impeller, making it the most maneuverable ship in the fleet.’
    • ‘This mode also lets players get a sense of how fast and maneuverable different vehicles are.’
    • ‘But it was the only chance he'd be able to get against the more maneuverable weapon.’
    • ‘The drivers are extremely talented and are working in vehicles, built in Lancashire to our own specifications, that are extremely manoeuvrable.’
    • ‘It's one of the lightest and most easily maneuverable scanners we tested.’
    • ‘The ship is highly maneuverable despite its incredible mass.’
    • ‘These are the wheeled vehicles that are more nimble and maneuverable than tanks or Bradleys.’
    • ‘This new material can be used at the vehicle's leading edges, allowing for more aerodynamic and maneuverable designs.’
    • ‘The seating is comfortable and, as you would expect, is manoeuvrable in almost every imaginable way to allow for a variety of practical purposes.’
    • ‘On the other side, the ships we've seen so far are much less maneuverable than our own, so we have an advantage there.’
    • ‘A maneuverable sled is provided for use over snowy terrain.’
    • ‘The ship is also more maneuverable and slightly faster thanks to its reduced size.’
    • ‘It was a tough ship and was still very maneuverable.’
    • ‘Of course, a ship of this size is not as manoeuvrable as a small fighter, but its strong shields and the two extra turrets make this ship very capable of defending itself.’
    • ‘Harbours director Captain Nigel Mills said the new vessel will be slightly bigger - able to carry 14 cars - and be more manoeuvrable.’
    • ‘These ships were a great design invention and were much more maneuverable and faster than the other style of canoes that were being used by other island peoples in the area.’
    • ‘This invention relates to a toboggan, and in particular to a manoeuvrable toboggan having runners which are movable relative to one another.’
    • ‘Ships can be made far more maneuverable, with looser or more open interior designs.’
    • ‘A highly maneuverable underwater vehicle that can be operated remotely with computer assistance was designed, fabricated and tested by researchers at the University of Florida.’
    travelling, transportable, transferable, portable, movable, locomotive, manoeuvrable
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