Definition of maneb in US English:



  • A white compound used as a fungicidal powder on vegetables and fruit.

    Alternative name: manganese ethylene bisdithiocarbamate; chemical formula: C₄H₆N₂S₄Mn

    • ‘Researchers also show that low levels of maneb, a fungicide commonly used in farming, can injure the antioxidant system in those same types of cells.’
    • ‘The Rochester team studied the effects of a mixture of two common agrochemicals, the herbicide paraquat and the fungicide maneb.’
    • ‘Finally, the manufacturer of the fungicide maneb has voluntarily withdrawn support for any homeowner uses of this fungicide.’
    • ‘The commonly used fungicides are maneb, mancozeb, daconil and copper-oxychloride.’
    • ‘The products included in this re-evaluation are fungicides that contain the active ingredient maneb.’


From elements of the name man(ganese) e(thylene) b(isdithiocarbamate).