Definition of mandrel in US English:



  • 1A shaft or spindle in a lathe, to which work is fixed while being turned.

    • ‘The drill is switched on and the mandrel rotates.’
    • ‘Attach these mandrels to an electric motor to make a high quality, low cost work station for various sanding, polishing and buffing operations.’
    • ‘While the mandrel is rotating, a layer of shrink-wrap tape is applied to the outside of the composite material.’
  • 2A cylindrical rod around which metal or other material is forged or shaped.

    • ‘The copper mandrel also helps control the welding heat by acting as a heat-sink.’
    • ‘Larger rings can be fabricated by forging over a mandrel.’
    • ‘Engis also has a complete range of taper pins and mandrels for the wire drawing and tube industries.’
    • ‘A flat strip of ‘soft’ iron is folded in half around a mandrel to create the socket.’
    • ‘The gooey tapes are plastered on the inside of molds or wrapped around shells called mandrels, and then baked.’
    • ‘Broomfield offers expandable winding mandrels in both round and rectangular configurations that will collapse for easy coil removal.’
    • ‘The body of the flute is made by winding carbon fibre around a metal mandrel, using a machine, and then impregnating it with epoxy resin.’
    • ‘Finally finished, Alex let her voice trail off as she pried the ring off of the mandrel.’
    • ‘Long before we knew much about steel, iron bars were wrapped around a mandrel and forged together.’
    • ‘The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric and additional silicone.’
    • ‘The heat generated by the mandrel causes the two materials to briefly reach their melting temperature and combine.’


Early 16th century (in mandrel (sense 3)): of unknown origin.