Definition of Manding in US English:


(also Mandingo)

adjective & noun

  • another term for Mande
    • ‘This has led to conflicts between the Mandingos and other Liberians regarding land use, ownership, and access.’
    • ‘Through his music, he seems himself continuing that role while preserving and modernizing the traditions of his Mandingo culture.’
    • ‘With dogged perseverance and considerable luck, the author, Alexander Haley, traced his ancestry back through seven generations to a Mandingo village in Africa.’
    • ‘Without clear rules on land tenure and transfer, the Mandingos remain unable to return to their former homes and restart their lives.’
    • ‘The initial contact point for me was kora music, one of the primary instruments of Manding culture.’
    • ‘Bility and the others arrested are members of the Mandingo ethnic community.’
    • ‘Despite the ban, the practice has become increasingly prevalent, especially among the Fulani, Mandingo and Fula tribes of southern Casamance province.’
    • ‘Today, the story of Sundiata is found not only among his native Mandinka people, but throughout the entire Mandingo language group which is spoken in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, and Gambia.’
    • ‘There were smaller numbers of Ashanti, Fanti, Mandings and Gangas.’
    • ‘One room showcases African tribal masks, while another spotlights a spectacular 18-foot-tall Mandingo sculpture of a human figure from a single piece of mahogany.’
    • ‘The Manding alphabet appears to have been invented in the late 1940's or early 1950's.’
    • ‘His father, the son of a Mandingo leader, took enormous pride in his family's heritage.’