Definition of mandatary in US English:



  • A person or country receiving a mandate.

    • ‘If the exporter is not a resident of Canada, the application must be made by an agent or mandatary who is a resident of Canada.’
    • ‘Of these, 27 attended and voted at the meeting called to discuss the proposal and a further 27 authorised mandatories to vote on their behalf.’
    • ‘Through contractual agreements or other comparable means, we shall ensure that your personal information is protected when processed by our mandataries and external agencies.’
    • ‘The territories were designated as mandatories but were ultimately assigned on the basis of military occupation.’
    • ‘The mandatories believed they should have the autonomy to administer their mandates without oversight from Geneva.’


Late 15th century (denoting a person appointed by a papal mandate): from late Latin mandatarius, from mandatum (see mandate).