Definition of mandarin duck in US English:

mandarin duck


  • A small tree-nesting East Asian duck, the male of which has showy plumage with an orange ruff and orange sail-like feathers on each side of the body.

    Aix galericulata, family Anatidae

    • ‘The four carved tiles directly below the hood depict pairs of magpies, phoenixes, mandarin ducks, and swallows, all symbols of harmonious matrimonial union.’
    • ‘Besides wild swans and cranes, some rare migratory birds such as mandarin duck, large and small swans, white swans, white neck cranes, and cray cranes can be seen there.’
    • ‘Waterfowl, such as the gaudy mandarin duck, no longer nest in its wetlands; fish have been driven upriver or out to sea, or have gone extinct.’
    • ‘The various pairs of animals - deer, mandarin ducks, and dogs convey wishes for a long life and marriage.’
    • ‘The mandarin duck represented faithfulness, the magpie good luck.’


mandarin duck

/ˈmandərən ˌdək/