Definition of mandarin collar in US English:

mandarin collar


  • A small, close-fitting upright collar.

    • ‘Men's shirts are made from striped and plaid fabric that would be at home in Brooks Brothers but sport mandarin collars or knotted buttons that hint at their more exotic pedigree.’
    • ‘These days China has world-class fashion designers whose modern takes on mandarin collars and silk designs of bygone dynasties are worn proudly to parties by chic Chinese and incorporated into streetwear by the middle class.’
    • ‘Finally, a mandarin collar comes up one or two inches from the collarbone and doesn't turn down.’
    • ‘It actually felt nice for once to be without long sleeves and a turtle-neck or mandarin collar.’
    • ‘They have a short and standing mandarin collars and two external pockets.’
    • ‘I love the look of the mandarin collars and that is what we have now.’
    • ‘The asymmetrical pullover features a mandarin collar, a six button front opening and a buttoned window pocket, all above a raised waistline seam.’
    • ‘To borrow from China and Japan, mandarin collars and kimono jackets fashioned out of rich brocade with broad waistbands give the attire a distinct pan - Asian look.’
    • ‘Shirts with collars are acceptable and this includes mandarin collars.’
    • ‘I like the mandarin collar one I saw at Country Road.’
    • ‘The high-waisted coat, with a stand-up mandarin collar, was trimmed with white leather.’
    • ‘They feature some interesting details and come with bracelet length sleeves and mandarin collars.’
    • ‘Then she decided to match it with a fitting black blouse with a mandarin collar and a silver dragon embroidered around the hem.’
    • ‘And the competent staff slink around in navy blue tunics with mandarin collars.’
    • ‘The mandarin collar and beading are delicate, pretty enough to perk up any simple outfit.’


mandarin collar

/ˈmændərən ˌkɑlər/