Definition of Manchurian in US English:



  • Relating to Manchuria or its people.

    ‘a prominent specialist on Manchurian archaeology and history’
    • ‘He drove north towards the Manchurian border.’
    • ‘My parents' Manchurian pear trees are now in full bloom and surrounded by the cheerful drone of bees doing bee-things.’
    • ‘Large quantities of imported Manchurian bean cake were stacked about the station.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Manchuria.

    ‘Manchurians clung to their own cultural traditions’
    • ‘Every single actor portrayed as a Manchurian had to take an extensive language course before production in order to accurately portray the language throughout the film.’
    • ‘Su and his neighbors are ethnic Manchurians who cultivate crops and raise horses, goats, and pigs.’
    • ‘Manchurians and Koreans are the biggest ethnic minorities in the region and have a great impact on local cultures.’