Definition of managing editor in US English:

managing editor


  • The chief editor of a publication, publishing company, or broadcasting organization.

    ‘he became managing editor of the Washington Post’
    ‘she will be the new managing editor at BBC Radio Leicester’
    • ‘Since managing publishers and managing editors alike tend to keep track of all kinds of things, I've prepared some of my own statistics for you.’
    • ‘A native of Cuba, Silvia lives in Florida, and is managing editor for Organica magazine.’
    • ‘No two managing editors are likely to have similar roles, and no single managing editor is likely to do the same thing on two consecutive days.’
    • ‘His wife was a shareholder of the newspaper company and her father had been the managing editor in the late nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Gelb is also a former theatre critic and a former managing editor of The New York Times.’
    • ‘McVey, one of the paper's two managing editors, has worked in a senior capacity at the newspaper for many years, having been an assistant editor as far back as 1985.’
    • ‘Additionally, I would like to recognize the hard work that managing editor Pam Smith has put into these last few issues.’
    • ‘Many changes have taken place in the field since I started as managing editor in 1970.’
    • ‘Take magazines: Male managing editors out-earn female managing editors by less than $3,000, according to’
    • ‘Olson has worked for more than 20 years in the graphics industry as a managing editor, production manager, graphic designer, illustrator and production artist.’