Definition of management-speak in US English:



  • Language regarded as characteristic of that used by managers in business, especially in being needlessly complex or filled with jargon.

    ‘flip charts containing indigestible chunks of management-speak’
    • ‘It is worrying that these announcements seem to be laced with increasing amounts of 'management-speak' jargon, including "repositioning the business" and "maximising the company's value going forward".’
    • ‘Its language is thick with management-speak and its concerns nearly identical with those of entrepreneurs and freelance consultants.’
    • ‘He is deft at using the type of modern management speak that might impress uninformed politicians or sections of the public.’
    • ‘Management speak is typically used to make something seem more impressive than it actually is.’
    • ‘Over the last few years management-speak has crept gradually into theatre.’
    • ‘They compiled the list in a bid to cut out meaningless management-speak, and improve communication with the public.’
    • ‘Many of us are depressed by the mangling of English in the horrors of management-speak, phone-text slang and stupid transatlantic jargon.’
    • ‘Behind the management speak, what exactly is being done?’
    • ‘His enthusiasm for management-speak have caused frustration and are looked at askance by some of his players.’
    • ‘They hated his management-speak.’
    • ‘The leadership's outlook is steeped in the aspirational management-speak of the bosses and line managers who make their lives a misery.’
    • ‘There was less of the usual vacuous management-speak this year but they still found room for an "entrench stability", an "accelerate modernisation", and, my favourite this, a "bringing home reversion plans within the scope of the Financial Services Authority".’
    • ‘You don't have to buy the management speak to sense a business opportunity here.’
    • ‘He spoke of an environment that "continues to be challenging" - management-speak for costs.’
    • ‘The plea for "joined-up thinking" seems more management-speak than practical collaboration.’
    • ‘These people have embraced management-speak in a fashion that promotes fantasy rather than efficiency.’
    • ‘Don't you just hate management speak?’
    • ‘Identify the biggest problems (that's "areas for improvement" in management-speak) and assume at least a modicum of culpability yourself.’
    • ‘Many staff who work for big corporate organisations find themselves using management speak as a way of disguising the fact that they haven't done their job properly.’
    • ‘Virtually everyone in the industry knows that the structure is dysfunctional and not "fit for purpose", to use the favourite management speak of the age.’