Definition of man of God in US English:

man of God


  • 1A clergyman.

    • ‘His life and writings have given eloquent testimony that one may be both a man of science and a man of God.’
    • ‘He was also a great man of God who took the Bible at face value.’
    • ‘In due course he appeared before three men of God in the Washington DC archdiocese.’
    • ‘Fr Hope said: ‘Pope John Paul II was a remarkable and courageous man of God.’’
    • ‘This man of God should refer to the first commandment - ‘love thy neighbour‘.’
    • ‘This will undoubtedly mean some hard decisions and some new directions will have to be faced, and for that the chosen man of God will need all our support and prayers.’
    • ‘‘There was never a conflict between my role as a man of God and my role as a member of the SAS,’ he said.’
    • ‘But I have certainly benefited from daily readings by different men of God over the years, reflecting the grace of God in their experience.’
    • ‘At this time all I needed was a man of God to pray for me.’
    • ‘Even in a pictorial book like this, the courage, faithfulness and immense work-rate of this man of God clearly shine through.’
    • ‘In recent e-mail to Willimon, I told him I respect him as a man of God and of the scriptures.’
    1. 1.1 A holy man or saint.
      • ‘No, this was Isaiah, from all indication in the record of Scripture a holy man, a man of God, what would be termed a dedicated Christian.’