Definition of man of action in US English:

man of action


  • A man whose life is characterized by physical activity or deeds rather than by words or intellectual matters.

    • ‘Both were men of action who found themselves in the right place at the right time because, in 1910, Mexico was a country which could have been created specifically for revolutionary change.’
    • ‘Lame from birth, he spent his life attempting to become a man of action.’
    • ‘Groomed by his father Nicholas I to head the navy, he had developed into a perceptive intellectual who at the same time was a man of action.’
    • ‘A most affable man, his ready smile is always to the fore but underneath all that charm is a man of action who speaks by deeds as well as words.’
    • ‘That earned him opprobrium in the council chamber but on the streets cemented his reputation as a man of action.’
    • ‘Although a man of action and a skilled administrator rather than an intellectual, he enjoyed the company of scholars and converted to Protestantism.’
    • ‘Peck's craggy good looks, grace and measured speech contributed to his screen image as the decent, courageous man of action.’
    • ‘Superman, the man of Steel, is a man of action, a man who although he is not American fights the great American fight.’
    • ‘Unlike France, Britain has preferred men of action, pragmatists, doers rather than thinkers.’
    • ‘The Romans, on the other hand, were doers, they were men of action.’
    • ‘The 51-year-old entrepreneur is a man of action, not words.’
    • ‘Forgive me, fellow Parisians, I am a man of action not words.’
    • ‘He is a liberation theologist, a man of action who gets on with it rather than talking about it.’
    • ‘Lawrence's roles as man of action, poet, neurotic, and leader of men fascinated friends and biographers and the public for years.’
    • ‘He emerges with the most credit as a man of action, honour and compassion.’
    • ‘He has proved himself to be a man of action not just words.’
    • ‘So when we speak of intellectuals or men of action, it is important to bear in mind that such distinctions are matters of degree, of mere tendencies, not absolutes.’
    • ‘She loved her father, she wrote, ‘when he's a revolutionary… a man of ideas, a man of action, a man who sticks steadfastly to his views and won't trade them for anything in the world’.’
    • ‘His comedy timing is impeccable and he was equally at home as a man of action or a driven intellectual of thoughts, dreams and desires.’
    • ‘He's a spiritual man, but he's a man of action, too.’
    worker, organizer, activist, man of action, achiever, high achiever, succeeder, hustler, entrepreneur
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