Definition of man (or woman) of the world in US English:

man (or woman) of the world


  • A person who is experienced in the ways of sophisticated society.

    • ‘Now, excuse me, I'm a man of the world, and I, for one, find this a rather worrying development.’
    • ‘They went out as wide-eyed and gangly young teens, and came back seasoned men of the world, who had developed exotic tastes for horse meat, brandy, and long elegant cigarettes.’
    • ‘She seemed to personify what we were trying to achieve with the programme: a woman of the world who takes her destiny into her own hands.’
    • ‘It quickly became clear that Lyon is a man of the world.’
    • ‘Born in Singapore, growing up in East London and now based in Los Angeles, Clarisse is a woman of the world.’
    • ‘Leonardo and Michelangelo, rivals in everything, were both men of the world and men of business.’
    • ‘What a great example Kelly is to impressionable young women of the world.’
    • ‘Collis told Dick how Rosemary has become a woman of the world, much different from the young girl they had known.’
    • ‘As a woman of the world, Hillary, do you think I should do it?’
    • ‘On the contrary, he was a man of the world, an experienced soldier, widely travelled, with close contacts with many of the leading men of affairs, both in his own city and elsewhere.’