Definition of man-of-war fish in US English:

man-of-war fish


  • A fish of tropical oceans that is often found among the tentacles of the Portuguese man-of-war, where it sometimes browses on the host's body and tentacles.

    Nomeus gronovii, family Nomeidae

    • ‘The same is true in the relationship between the Portuguese man-of-war and the man-of-war fish that live amongst its tentacles.’
    • ‘Found in tropical seas, the best know species of shepherd fish is known as the man-of-war fish or driftfish.’
    • ‘The yellow jack and the man-of-war fish hide within the tentacles and perhaps attract larger prey into the trap and feed on the caught prey.’
    • ‘We have tried unsuccessfully to keep Nomeus, the Portuguese man-of-war fish, alive in a 52-gallon aquarium.’
    • ‘Feeding on its stinging tentacles, which do not harm them, are small man-of-war fish.’