Definition of man-hater in US English:



  • A person who hates men.

    ‘you don't have to be a man-hater to be a successful woman’
    • ‘The least they could do is not to continue the stereotypes that anyone interested in 'women's lib' is a man-hater.’
    • ‘It is a pity that so many people still hold the "feminists are hairy-legged man haters" stereotype.’
    • ‘If a man writes a scathing piece about men in power, it's seen as his job; a woman can be cast as an emasculating man-hater.’
    • ‘Because of his films, Russell was often considered as a vulgar and wild man-hater.’
    • ‘I know some pretty normal woman who aren't hairy legged man-haters who find this ad pretty damn demeaning.’
    • ‘Sometimes I panic that all women are serious man-haters, but then I catch myself and think about all the women I know.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's frustrating when people assign you personality traits and won't let go of them, regardless of how you may protest; this is why I've been labelled angry and a man-hater.’
    • ‘I am not a man-hater or anything like that - I think blokes are great.’
    • ‘Lad culture deems feminists as mad, butch man haters with hairy armpits!’
    • ‘She is as obvious a man-hater as I've ever come across.’
    • ‘My mother was a categorical man-hater, and all my life described how evil they were.’
    • ‘Several thousand people with poor reading skills will forever brand me either a gender traitor or a man-hater, whichever makes them more fake-outraged.’
    • ‘People criticise her as being a sort of vapid, attention seeking pseudo-feminist man-hater, failing, I think, to recognise the context within which she became important.’
    • ‘In the late 1960s and '70s, second-wave feminists, belittled in today's conservative backlash as bra-burning man-haters, paved the way for rights younger women now take for granted.’
    • ‘She states straight away that she's a riot grrrl and a radical feminist - but she is in no way a man-hater.’
    • ‘She is a real 1970s man-hater living on in this century.’
    • ‘I am not a feminist or a man-hater.’
    • ‘If a woman had made this movie she'd be labelled a total man-hater: there isn't one man in it who isn't basically a teenager.’
    • ‘Its about being a woman supporter rather than a man hater.’
    • ‘The L Word shatters stereotypes about lesbians as tortured, troubled man-haters who never find happiness.’