Definition of man-eater in US English:



  • 1An animal that has a propensity for killing and eating humans.

    • ‘Taylor killed on one occasion a lion who lost a fore limb in a trap, and the infirmity had turned him into a dangerous man eater.’
    • ‘We want hyenas and lions and feral pigs and other maneaters!’
    • ‘We've probably got about 10 or 12 species that are incapable of biting people and there are only 3 that have been proven to be maneaters.’
    • ‘A tiger turns into a maneater only under extraordinary situations, like when it grows too infirm or disabled to hunt or when there is a scarcity of its natural prey.’
    • ‘Isn't that supposed to be a maneater, though?’
  • 2informal A dominant woman who has many sexual partners.

    • ‘His character, Darren Silverman, is in the right place at the right time, and thus is able to hook up with the ‘queen of all hotties’, Judith, who turns out to be a maneater.’
    • ‘She is a real maneater - it is as if she is addicted to men and sex and she always had to have a boyfriend.’
    • ‘Fevvers's good-time girl is about a hundred times healthier than Annabel's white-clad, world-fearing maneater.’