Definition of man-day in US English:



  • A day regarded in terms of the amount of work that can be done by one person within this period.

    • ‘The process takes around 35 man-days.’
    • ‘Some companies have built more man-days into project budgets because of the commuting problems.’
    • ‘We don't know how many man-days it will free up in a year but I suspect it is going to be pretty significant.’
    • ‘In the United States, back pain costs the government an estimated $12 billion a year in lost man-days and compensation.’
    • ‘Industry insiders say some companies have begun to build more man-days into project budgets because of commuter crawl.’
    • ‘Similarly, the maximum number of man-days lost were in the month of April followed by May.’
    • ‘This software has saved nearly 130 man-days during each day of the overhaul.’
    • ‘Some IT companies in the city have already begun to add more man-days to project proposals to cater to commuter crawl.’
    • ‘Using hand-operated desk calculators, approximately 120 man-days were required to obtain a solution.’
    • ‘The labour input was high, and vineyards on the plains required between 70 and 80 man-days per hectare per year.’
    • ‘It takes 650 man-days to build a single snake boat.’
    • ‘It takes a full man-day to patch them all once per month, and ensure that they all boot back up (often several times) and don't fail on reboot.’
    • ‘The Guard and Reserve are not immune to this trend - their strength decreased more than 1 million, while the number of man-days served per year continues to increase.’
    • ‘It has been estimated that around 34 per cent of the total man-days lost are due to asthma and other airway disorders.’
    • ‘The report determined the number of man-days in the season.’
    • ‘Whereas in 1854, it took 21 man-days to produce one watch, by 1862 the time was down to three days.’
    • ‘Thirty other reservists have volunteered more than 100 man-days over the same period of time.’
    • ‘With 240 man-days being equivalent to one man-year, the saving is 35.18 man-years.’
    • ‘Physical achievements in terms of man-days of employment generated, dwelling units established and habitations covered were not significantly different from earlier years.’
    • ‘He explained that the pillar took more than 1,335 man-days to craft by hand from quarry to completion.’



/ˈman ˈˌdā/