Definition of man-child in US English:



  • 1An immature man.

    • ‘The manchild smiles slightly, his face illumined from within by love.’
    • ‘Armed with this new special knowledge, our manchild again heads for home.’
    • ‘Sadly, the lumbering man-child is not ready to return.’
    • ‘All Lily wanted was a boyfriend, what she got was a man-child on a mission.’
    • ‘Bottoms acted a bit more like a dimwitted manchild, an effect further exacerbated by the fact that he was a 30-year-old man playing a teenager.’
    • ‘Mr. Howell, especially, treated the bumbling man-child like he was sub-human.’
    • ‘That is now his job, and in the case of the man-child sitting across from him, there was much he could have said.’
    • ‘But you get the feeling that the wizardly manchild is indefatigable.’
    • ‘The discrepancy between sporting high-achiever and sulking man-child was never more evident.’
    • ‘As the overgrown man-child Adam, he won hearts with his pursuit of Helen Baxendale through six series until her brutal connection with the front end of a truck.’
    • ‘Boy, being the office manchild sure is tough, isn't it?’
    • ‘It felt good to throw someone completely off - and that was obviously the case here with this man-child.’
    • ‘A man-child with a high-pitched voice, his brilliant acidic wit shields the petrified innocence of someone incompetent at everything except moving furniture and writing.’
    • ‘In interviews recently, the eternal manchild has sounded… not quite dull, exactly, but aware of his receding popularity.’
    • ‘This intellectually deficient, petulent man-child was exactly what he appeared to be and his inept, arrogant administration is a perfect reflection of him.’
    • ‘Mr. Bean is nothing if not the modern realization of the Faulknerian idiot manchild.’
    • ‘This album is full of self-pitying dirges which give the impression of a slightly sad man-child sulking about girls in his bedroom.’
    • ‘Go vote and let the man-child know what you think of his performance so far.’
    • ‘It is proving a big leap, this transition from man-child to leading light in the athletics firmament.’
    • ‘In Talk To Her he is greatly aided by the performance of Camara who plays Benigno as an innocent man child devoid of guile of malice.’
    1. 1.1archaic A male child.
      • ‘Holly describes it as the naked figure of a beautiful woman shrouded by her beating wings as she lifts the man-child away from some evil which has terrified him.’
      • ‘For I will never destroy what I shall have brought forth, especially if it is a man-child.’
      • ‘All men children of that time were accordingly named Samuel.’
      • ‘She labors to bear a man, and among the waves of death she gives birth to a manchild, with pains of Hell.’
      • ‘It was a man child that the girl had.’