Definition of man's best friend in US English:

man's best friend


  • An affectionate or approving way of referring to the dog.

    • ‘In 1987, researchers led by Dennis F. Lawler at the Purina Pet Institute in St. Louis began a study of man's best friend.’
    • ‘A new genetic analysis of man's best friend could help scientists explain why a border collie has knack for herding or why poodles sport a curly coat.’
    • ‘This year, they were taking a lenient attitude to those who turned up with pooch in tow - much to the annoyance of those who had read about the ban in the Craven Herald and had left man's best friend at home.’
    • ‘A new exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art examines the role of man's best friend in the history of photography.’
    • ‘But a recent study on elderly nursing home patients now offers scientific support that brief weekly visits from man's best friend can have a positive therapeutic impact.’
    • ‘Humans share three-quarters of their genes with man's best friend, the first genetic blueprint of the domestic dog revealed yesterday.’
    • ‘Of course, no luxury camping trip would be complete without catering to man's best friend.’
    • ‘Dogs have been trained to sniff out prey, drugs and even explosives - but new research reveals that man's best friend can also detect cancer.’
    • ‘Everyone knows that dogs are affectionate and loyal - they're not called man's best friend for nothing!’
    • ‘We have many years' experience letting holiday cottages and have found man's best friend and his family make the best guests.’