Definition of mammary gland in US English:

mammary gland


  • The milk-producing gland of women or other female mammals.

    • ‘There are no apparent mammary glands preserved on the specimen; Luo has concluded that this individual was mostly likely a male.’
    • ‘First, the rat mammary gland shows a high susceptibility to developing neoplasms, and these neoplasms closely mimic human breast disease.’
    • ‘They are fed milk produced by mammary glands; the milk is secreted onto the skin within the pouch and sucked or lapped up by the babies.’
    • ‘The females have no mammary glands or teats, but they produce milk, which oozes from the fur on their chest and belly.’
    • ‘Lactating mammary glands show spaces that are filled up with the glands themselves.’
    • ‘Functionally, the mammary glands produce milk; structurally, they are modified sweat glands.’
    • ‘Branched smooth muscle fibers can be found in the nipple of the mammary glands.’
    • ‘Detecting tumours in the breasts of young women is difficult because of the density of the mammary glands, and this problem is particularly pronounced among pregnant and lactating women.’
    • ‘The mammary glands of pubescent female mice developed structurally in a way that made them more likely to develop breast cancer.’
    • ‘Gross examination of thyroid and mammary glands revealed no masses or abnormalities.’
    • ‘A student of biology is bound to learn about the development of such novelties as legs in amphibians, hair and mammary glands in mammals, and the large, complex brain in higher primates.’
    • ‘Female mammary glands are there for lactation, to suckle their young.’
    • ‘Note that the rest of the mammary gland has many side branches that end in relatively sharp terminal ends.’
    • ‘Some mutations involving the hair are accompanied by defects of the skin and its appendages, such as nails, teeth, sebaceous glands, and mammary glands.’
    • ‘The mammary glands are specialized cutaneous glands that develop rapidly but incompletely at puberty.’
    • ‘So now that ball of cells, all of whose genetic material came from the mammary gland, the breast gland of the sheep, was implanted into a uterus, and it gave rise to this reproductive clone, Dolly.’
    • ‘They were originally adapted for land, but returned to the sea, and their ears, genitalia and mammary glands became internalised, the skin smoother, the nostrils formed a blowhole on the top of the head.’
    • ‘Dietary restriction inhibits chemically induced carcinogenesis and the incidence of spontaneous tumors in the mammary gland, lung and liver by 50% or more.’
    • ‘The mammary gland is an amazing ductal structure that provides a vital function, milk production, unique to mammals.’
    • ‘Owners may confuse a surgical removal of a mammary gland in the dog with a radical mastectomy in humans, with all of the associated problems.’
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mammary gland

/ˈmam(ə)rē ˌɡland/