Definition of mammary in US English:



  • attributive Denoting or relating to the human female breasts or the milk-secreting organs of other mammals.

    ‘mammary tumor viruses’
    • ‘The animal model used in this study is the naturally occurring canine mammary tumor.’
    • ‘Our study is larger than these and found no evidence of protection despite the experimental finding that development of mammary tumours is inhibited by such drugs.’
    • ‘Besides, hysterectomies provide long-term health benefits such as protection against ovarian cancer and mammary tumors.’
    • ‘Benzidine has caused bladder cancer in humans and dogs, liver and mammary tumours in rats.’
    • ‘In spite of these similarities, several differences between rat and human mammary tumors have been reported.’


  • A breast.

    • ‘It could result in a lifetime membership of misery and droopy mammaries.’
    • ‘Indeed, if it was tried on anyone but the heir to the throne, the perpetrator might well find out how the victim rated her mammaries.’
    • ‘So I certainly don't need to know the contours of her mammaries.’
    • ‘Anyhow, they're hers, it's her back that has to support the weight of those mammaries, and it was basically her decision.’
    • ‘As a young adult, her mammaries were modest in scale, but at around the age of 22, she had them enhanced for the first time, either with silicone or silicone bags filled with saline solution.’
    • ‘The person to whom I previously bequeathed my entire estate, the woman with the enormous mammaries, apparently cannot be located, so I will have to designate new heirs.’
    • ‘I counted 26 breasts though, so if watercolour mammaries are your thing then you might enjoy taking a peep before the end of the month.’
    • ‘Close your eyes, lean forward and rest your weary head on your sprawling mammaries that provide a very comfy pillow.’
    • ‘It was at that moment she took her towel and gave both mammaries a vigorous, circular rub.’
    • ‘So the last time I went to the ‘Guyanese’ doctor, based on what I told him, he ordered an ultrasound of the left mammary.’


Late 17th century: from mamma + -ary.