Definition of mammalogy in US English:



  • The branch of zoology concerned with mammals.

    • ‘Submit your work related to mammalogy, and let thousands of people access it worldwide!’
    • ‘The section contains about 44,000 reprints and books and currently holds the most important periodicals of mammalogy and vertebrate palaeontology.’
    • ‘Curatorial assistant Judith Chupasko commented that ‘because of their diversity and excellent data, these specimens have become an invaluable asset to the collection and to future studies in mammalogy.’’
    • ‘Matthew Gompper, assistant professor of mammalogy at the University of Missouri and an ecologist specializing in carnivores, has been studying coyote population biology in the Northeast.’
    • ‘Dorst pursued a parallel career in mammalogy; he edited the quarterly journal Mammalia for 40 years, from 1960 to 2000.’
    • ‘Thomas Martin, head of mammalogy at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, agrees that Akidolestes may represent some kind of evolutionary throwback.’
    • ‘He taught numerous classes in ornithology, mammalogy, population ecology, and animal behavior, and he led several generations of undergraduates on field trips throughout southern Wisconsin.’
    • ‘Garrett directed his early support to mammalogy at the University of Puget Sound.’
    • ‘You see, although I do want to study in biology, I have an affinity for studying animals in all their shapes and forms, and will probably end up specializing in mammalogy.’
    • ‘Housed in the Chicago Field Museum's prized Audubon collection, the prints are acclaimed as the definitive 19th-century work in the field of American mammalogy.’
    • ‘Thomas Henry Manning, a pioneer in exploration, ornithology, and mammalogy of the Canadian Arctic, was born in Northampton, England, on 22 December 1911, and educated at Harrow and Cambridge.’
    • ‘Under Merriam's leadership, this organization quickly established itself as the primary center for the practice of economic ornithology and mammalogy in the United States.’
    • ‘This bibliography is designed to guide beginning students in mammalogy to literature in specific areas.’
    • ‘In mammalogy, he is credited with six genera and six species; in botany, with some seventy genera and as many species.’