Definition of Mamertine in US English:



  • 1Originally: one of a group of mercenaries from Campania in Italy who seized Messana (now Messina) in Sicily in 288 b.c. Later: any inhabitant of Messana.

  • 2A sweet wine from the Messina region of Sicily.


  • Of, relating to, or designating the city of Messana (now Messina) in Sicily or its people; specifically designating wine from the Messina region.


Mid 16th century. As adjective from classical Latin Māmertīnus from Māmert-, Māmers, an Oscan name for Mars, the Roman god of war + -īnus. As noun in sense A. 1 from classical Latin Māmertīnī (plural), use as noun of Māmertīnus, adjective; as noun in sense A. 2 from classical Latin Māmertīnum, short for Māmertīnum vīnum Mamertine wine.