Definition of maltose in US English:



  • A sugar produced by the breakdown of starch, e.g. by enzymes found in malt and saliva. It is a disaccharide consisting of two linked glucose units.

    • ‘Systems for sensing specific sugars, such as galactose or maltose, or specific amino acids, such as histidine or proline, also are present.’
    • ‘Several physiologically important disaccharides are sucrose, lactose and maltose.’
    • ‘When you eat or drink a food source of maltose, the maltose is split into two glucose units so they can be absorbed.’
    • ‘It turns out that, in the mixture of flour and yeast, there are enzymes that turn the starch in the flour into maltose, another sugar.’
    • ‘But up to two thirds of it can be replaced by other sugars, including maltose and sucrose.’


Mid 19th century: from malt + -ose.