Definition of malted milk in US English:

malted milk


  • A drink combining milk, a malt preparation, and ice cream or flavoring.

    • ‘Shen recalled a case from her research where an old lady was diagnosed as having abnormally high blood sugar from drinking too much tainted malted milk.’
    • ‘When the woman was asked why she drank so much malted milk, she explained that her weak physical state made it difficult for her to cook, so she just drank milk for nutrition.’
    • ‘Originally, this product was for infants and invalids, but because malted milk tasted good, everyone started drinking it.’
    • ‘The name didn't last though, and in 1887, the company trademarked the name ‘malted milk.’’


malted milk

/ˈˌmôltəd ˈmilk//ˈˌmɔltəd ˈmɪlk/