Definition of malt vinegar in US English:

malt vinegar


  • Vinegar made from malted barley.

    ‘sprinkle a little malt vinegar over the fries’
    • ‘Top sellers include ribeye steak, and fish and chips served with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce.’
    • ‘A little malt vinegar, a little tartar sauce, and some Heinz Ketchup and we were in a world of battered goodness.’
    • ‘The fish and chips were first rate - deep-fried halibut, not greasy, with lots of hot chips and malt vinegar on the side.’
    • ‘That was today's mission: malt vinegar for the fish & chips.’
    • ‘On the table are sauces and condiments, and the malt vinegar always goes down a treat with chips in my opinion.’
    • ‘On each table is a woven basket with bottles of malt vinegar, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, Coleman's mustard and Tabasco.’
    • ‘One of the best entrees on the menu is the fish and chips; light and crispy and served with a sharp malt vinegar.’
    • ‘You should also soak for 30 minutes in a lukewarm bath that contains some ordinary table salt and two teaspoons of malt vinegar.’
    • ‘Give me fried clams with malt vinegar and I am one happy puppy!’
    • ‘Place the flat bread on a plate, stuff with a handful of rocket, a tablespoon of soft cheese, and season with malt vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper.’