Definition of malt in English:



  • 1Barley or other grain that has been steeped, germinated, and dried, used for brewing or distilling and vinegar-making.

    • ‘Head brewer Don Bracher used a special blend of malts and hops to create the 4.5 per cent ABV brew.’
    • ‘According to German law, beer can only be brewed using barley, malt, hops, yeast and water - no nasty chemicals are allowed.’
    • ‘Ale was usually brewed in the lord's household, utilising barley malt, though malted wheat or even oats are recorded.’
    • ‘So your best bets are brown rice syrup and barley malt, which are higher in nutrient content and are metabolized more slowly than white sugar.’
    • ‘This malt exhibits the distinct ‘grassiness’ often associated with European Pilsner malts.’
    • ‘If you're feeling adventurous, go for a rauchbier, a German-style beer made with malts dried over beechwood fire.’
    • ‘It is named after a popular local coastal area and made up with genuine ale yeast and malts to help bring out the ‘old style’ ale flavours.’
    • ‘In these pages we share with you the fruits of our labors and the grapes and malts we paired them with.’
    • ‘It is already producing two beers, each made using a secret recipe of malts, yeast and hops, giving them a unique flavour and aroma.’
    • ‘It's brewed using five different specialty malts and two hop varieties to produce this distinctive continental styled brew.’
    • ‘Similar in taste to molasses, barley malt may be cut with other sweeteners to lighten its intense flavor.’
    • ‘English Halcyon malts are used together with lager malts.’
    • ‘Most barley is used in animal feed or for the production of barley malt for making beer.’
    • ‘Lagers generally have purer malt and hop characteristics.’
    • ‘We couldn't get real ale here, so we had to make it from British malts and hops.’
    • ‘Dodson's beers are produced from a blend of malts, good water and New Zealand-grown hops from Motueka near Nelson.’
    • ‘Ice cream, followed by wholesome milk, malt, syrup and beaters, was lowered into a tall beaker.’
    • ‘In 1366 he was exporting large quantities of grain, barley, malt, and ale, and in 1382 a large number of woolfells.’
    • ‘I have even consulted for a number of breweries in Scotland when they were having difficulties with the malts.’
    • ‘The malt's bouquet slowly presents a range of dry, tantalizing aromas, including nuts, honey and grain.’
    1. 1.1
      short for malt whiskey
      • ‘The company, he said, intends to innovate by possibly introducing entry-level malts.’
      • ‘Apart from a variety of draft beers, if you're partial to a wee dram you'll be dazzled by the choice of malts on offer!’
      • ‘What it hasn't lost is any of the flavour, so you need to like big, peaty, smoky malts - and a fearless 46% alcohol.’
      • ‘Morrison Bowmore, the distiller, is cheering a sharp rise in profitability after shifting its focus from low-margin blended whisky to single malts.’
      • ‘The blend includes Port Dundas grain whisky and malts from Caol Ila and Talisker.’
      • ‘Blends are up a touch, as are malts, but the good news is that it's the pricier, more sophisticated Scotches that are growing.’
      • ‘"We think the whisky will be very similar to a Scottish lowland malt, " said David.’
      • ‘That was when distilleries started producing the malts for the discerning whisky buff.’
      • ‘The minimum age of the malts used in the blend is 15 years.’
      • ‘A mix of malts like the new Cardhu usually takes the name of the brand-owner or blender, not the distillery.’
      • ‘I've tasted hundreds of excellent unblended, single barrel malts, where the array of aromas and flavours far exceed that of any blend.’
      • ‘Today's supply of 12-year-old single malt relies on stocks laid down 12 years ago.’
      • ‘Twenty-four hours after leaving Waller's, I was sipping a single malt by my own fireside in Hampshire.’
      • ‘Blends have much less snob value than single malts, though, and they don't have as much character or flavor.’
      • ‘Occasionally, a rare bottle of 50-year-old malt is released - the last time one fetched £10,000.’
      • ‘From a Macallan man, it's no surprise that all but 10% of the malts have been aged in rich sherry butts.’
      • ‘The Glenlivet Single Malt 12 Year Old is among the finest Speyside malts, and is also a canny cooking chum.’
      • ‘Expect a well - chosen wine list and a groaningly good selection of liqueurs and malts.’
      • ‘The distillery has pioneered occasional offerings of malts finished in various woods in what it calls the Wood Finish Range.’
      • ‘Take your time and sip your single malt and appreciate it in the proper manner.’
    2. 1.2North American
      short for malted milk
      • ‘Keiko sipped her malt through her straw, and stared sideways at Otaru.’
      • ‘We dine on kosher hot dogs, Old Style beer, Cracker Jacks, and frosty malts.’
      • ‘It tasted like a vanilla malt spiked with aluminum.’
      • ‘It might have worked in a smaller dose, but served in a spaghetti bowl, it tasted like a bottle of cough syrup poured over a chocolate malt.’
      • ‘They are planning a chocolate malt variety in the coming months.’
      • ‘Use it as a beverage, add it to malts or shakes, or use it in cooking.’
      • ‘I believe frosted malts and coffee are the best ballpark food values.’
      • ‘It was her favorite because they had the best chocolate malts in town and Ian Reeves worked there.’
      • ‘And if you crave chocolate malts, experience the 1950s, at Murphey's Soda Fountain.’
      • ‘Sunny and Jade get a scoop of ice cream while I just get a chocolate malt.’
      • ‘Milk chocolate is notable for such great flavors as caramel, cream, soda-fountain chocolate malt, milk, brown sugar, and vanilla.’
      • ‘Jane breathed in the old, warm smell of crunchy French fries and classic chocolate malts.’
      • ‘The beverages at our first Beverly Hills restaurant were basic - shakes, malts, iced tea.’


  • Convert (grain) into malt.

    ‘barley is grown for malting’
    • ‘According to Okanagan Springs, the Bavarian Purity Law restricts beer to barley, water, hops and yeast, but in fact, the law permits the use of any type of grain so long as it has been malted.’
    • ‘Wheat and rye were cultivated almost exclusively for human consumption, but because oats and barley were grown for fodder as well as human food, and barley could be malted, they were better crops for most farmers.’
    • ‘He completed an intense one week residential ‘introduction to malting and brewing course’ back on October 1999.’
    • ‘TransCon is researching the opportunity to malt alternative grains from the fields of its producers.’
    • ‘As abstinence became popular in the second half of the 19th century, there was a shift from brewing to malting.’
    • ‘This process is called malting and the product is malt.’
    • ‘Suitable as feed for beef and dairy cattle, Garnet is also proving ideal for malting and brewing.’
    • ‘These, along with barley dust generated during malting, are processed into cattle feed.’
    • ‘It was eaten as porridge and made into unleavened bread and malted for beer.’
    • ‘Known as malting, this procedure releases the enzyme diastase, which converts the starches in grain to maltose sugar.’
    • ‘The barley is malted to convert the starch, or complex carbohydrates, into sugar through a tedious process.’
    • ‘TransCon is initially focusing on three areas of concentration: distribution, malting and brewing operations.’
    • ‘Before barley can be used to make beer, it must be malted, which involves a natural conversion process.’
    • ‘These materials can be broken down to simple six- and 12-carbon sugars by malting, a process utilizing acids or enzymes’
    • ‘By then Mr Dilger hopes to have redefined Greencore as a convenience foods group with far less emphasis on sugar beet processing, malting barley, and agribusiness.’


Old English m(e)alt, of Germanic origin; related to melt.