Definition of mallee in US English:



  • 1A low-growing bushy Australian eucalyptus which has several slender stems.

    Genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae: several species, in particular E. dumosa

    • ‘At the moment there are 900 farmers involved in planting oil mallees, and 20 million trees in the ground.’
    • ‘In 2007 we will be contributing 20,000 oil mallees in areas prone to land degradation.’
    • ‘The need for extensive plantings of mallees presents a crop that can provide farmers with a stable means of living.’
    • ‘Trees and Acacia species were planted 1m apart and mallees were planted 0.5m apart in view of later thinning.’
    • ‘The mallee is small type of eucalyptus which is extremely drought resistant.’
    1. 1.1 Scrub which is dominated by mallee, typical of some arid parts of Australia.
      • ‘Australia could only become really productive in terrain, soil, and vegetation as unique and perplexing as the mallee and the black soil plains, after it had forged its own slow agricultural revolution.’
      • ‘The property stretches for about 60 km from north to south through a tremendous mix of flood plain country and mallee.’
      • ‘This contraption would knock down most of the mallee which would later be burned.’
    2. 1.2the Mallee Any semi-arid area of mainland Australia which has mallee scrub as its principal natural vegetation.
      ‘moving to the Mallee was a major culture shock’
      • ‘The salinity schemes across the Mallee area have made a huge difference, that's well documented.’
      • ‘If we think about the Mallee, we would have seen a great deal many more dust storms than we've seen.’
      • ‘Even in the Mallee, the driest region in the state, water pipelines have ensured reasonable cover of grass.’
      • ‘Don't bother camping in the Mallee with the Mallee Fowl popping an egg out every 4–6 days until January.’
      • ‘The bonnet flipped up on me in a dust-storm from the Mallee.’
      • ‘Out in the wide open spaces of the Wimmera and the Mallee, sounds are heard with such clarity and travel for such distances that one's normal voice is sufficient for most purposes.’
      • ‘The reality of the amount of dust that covers your possessions in the Mallee is also something important that is never addressed.’
      • ‘The Mallee is the closest thing Victoria has to the outback.’
      • ‘Fire danger is expected to be extreme in the Mallee.’
      • ‘It is in the Mallee where the hottest temperatures in the State most commonly occur during summer.’


Mid 19th century: from Wuywurung (an Aboriginal language).