Definition of mall rat in US English:

mall rat


North American
  • A young person who frequents shopping malls, usually for social purposes.

    • ‘Raves, graffiti, squeegee kids and mall rats have all become sources of evil in the eyes of local landlords.’
    • ‘The only problem with Anna is that she is a mall rat.’
    • ‘The 1980s or early 1990s stereotype of the teenage mall rat as a nuisance has become a bonanza for those who sell.’
    • ‘After my time spent as a passive mall rat, I came to think of such places as the modern day equivalent of the old town square.’
    • ‘I could have become a runaway materialist, a robotic mall rat who resorts to retail therapy in pursuit of fulfillment.’
    • ‘In true teenage fashion, she rebelled by dying her hair blonde, immersing herself in logo culture and becoming a mall rat.’