Definition of malic acid in US English:

malic acid


  • A crystalline acid present in unripe apples and other fruits.

    Chemical formula: HOOCCH₂CH(OH)COOH

    • ‘And the tangy apple flavour found in most Chardonnays comes primarily from malic acid, the tart acid found in apples.’
    • ‘This compound is composed of creatine bound to malic acid.’
    • ‘Some products contain citrulline malate, which is simply citrulline attached to malic acid.’
    • ‘The mixture of fruit acids may include citric acid, glycollic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid.’
    • ‘In some species, there may be oscillations of citric acid in addition to malic acid.’


Late 18th century: malic from French malique, from Latin malum ‘apple’.


malic acid

/ˌmalik ˈasid/