Definition of malfeasant in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See malfeasance

    • ‘It's still possible that this is just a cataclysmic bankruptcy for which a few malfeasant executives will pay a stiff price.’
    • ‘It is no longer the case that a malfeasant physician can escape her record by moving to another state.’
    • ‘They are a malfeasant U.S. corporation that has potentially caused us to lose $500 million.’
    • ‘At the least he ought to have known or is malfeasant for not making it his business to know.’
    • ‘How much gumption does it take to pillory the malfeasant editors, reporters, and publisher who turned to compost ages ago?’
    • ‘I have no evidence to back up this sort of malfeasant roguish claim.’