Definition of male model in US English:

male model


  • 1A man employed to display clothes by wearing them.

    ‘the agency has had its top male models featured worldwide’
    • ‘A successful male model, he now spends more time working on his television show, in a quest to bring the truth and beauty that is fashion to the uninformed.’
    • ‘As Sinatra tunes fill the room, a series of male models, dressed in natty three-piece suits and cashmere overcoats, saunter up and down the runway.’
    • ‘The video shows his face, continually weeping, in contrast to a range of male models parading around a catwalk demonstrating the ideal male body.’
    • ‘It's been an especially good two weeks for male models who usually don't get enough shows and get paid much less than their female counter parts.’
    • ‘He is ranked as one of the top 10 male models in the world and has been at the top for many years.’
    • ‘Well, I was a male model first for the Sears catalog.’
    • ‘He doesn't stand there like a male model in search of a jeans designer.’
    • ‘The fashion glossy even featured him as a male model in a front-page photo shoot at age 68.’
    • ‘He lingers in a doorway, looking like a male model at a grunge chic photo shoot, wearing expensive clothes.’
    1. 1.1 A man employed to pose for an artist, photographer, or sculptor.
      ‘he allowed a mixed class to draw from a nude male model’
      • ‘He has the look of one of Caravaggio's young male models, though without their coquetry.’
      • ‘In the drawings of Signorelli and Michelangelo, in the comparatively rare instances where female nudes were featured, they were frequently based on male models.’
      • ‘I took art classes with real naked male models and a teacher who urged us to "free ourselves."’
      • ‘They lived and worked with other men, under the direction of male instructors, studying nude male models, producing art intended for male audiences.’
      • ‘The exhibition featured large, sumptuous oils with hazy, dreamlike images of a young male model.’
      • ‘The French Academie Royale employed a full-time male model and made the life class the culmination of its educational course.’
      • ‘A male model was available at the school of life drawing established by the Carracci at Bologna and female models were posing for 17th-century artists in Rome.’
      • ‘However, his use of a naked male model in mixed classes caused his dismissal in 1886.’
      • ‘Historically, an overwhelming proportion of anatomical illustrations are based on male models.’
      • ‘Rimmer's female students pushed for this opportunity and a male model was provided for them.’