Definition of male-dominated in US English:



  • Controlled mainly by or consisting mainly of men.

    ‘she made her film to spread awareness of the problems women riders face in their male-dominated sport’
    ‘at a senior level, the industry is very male-dominated’
    • ‘The demographic data indicated that increasing numbers of females have entered this traditionally male-dominated career field.’
    • ‘In the mid-60s, rock & roll was an almost entirely male-dominated mode of cultural expression.’
    • ‘He did not blame the women, but the male-dominated society.’
    • ‘As a woman scholar, she paved the way for more women to work in a traditionally male-dominated field.’
    • ‘I once had a glorified sales job in a male-dominated department.’
    • ‘Beyond this, I can sympathize with the need for strong female role models in a male-dominated world.’
    • ‘Charlotte works hard to make her mark in a male-dominated sport.’
    • ‘Dance on camera has had a sadly low profile because dance is associated with women and the film industry is still largely male-dominated.’