Definition of maldevelopment in US English:



Medicine Biology
  • Faulty or imperfect development.

    • ‘If this function is abnormal, infertility, infantile underdevelopment, maldevelopment, weakness of bone development, etc. will manifest.’
    • ‘One popular theory postulates that a clubfoot is a result of intrauterine maldevelopment of the talus that leads to adduction and plantarflexion of the foot.’
    • ‘Such damage might emerge after cerebellar maldevelopment, or an earlier undetected hypoxic or ischemic event.’
    • ‘Recent decades have witnessed a burgeoning interest in signs of physical trauma and early maldevelopment associated with schizophrenia.’
    • ‘Two weeks later, Zeng died, ostensibly of ‘congenital maldevelopment of brain function’ and ‘total circulatory failure.’’
    • ‘Congenital ptosis is the result of maldevelopment of the muscle, which lifts the eyelid (Levator Palpebrae Superioris).’