Definition of malcontent in US English:



  • A person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.

    ‘it was too late to stop the malcontents with a show of force’
    • ‘Yet the ‘Camp’ here is supposed to refer to Camp Ovation, the performing arts holiday camp for adolescent misfits and malcontents.’
    • ‘They are unelectable malcontents who recognize no irony in their complaints and won't take responsibility for the mess they have conjured.’
    • ‘None other than those infamous troublemakers and malcontents, Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson, respectively.’
    • ‘Paul Langmack basically inherited a team thrown together from other club leftovers, malcontents and has-beens on a shoe-string budget.’
    • ‘Not Old Labour malcontents - they could vote for the Scottish Socialists; not separatists - they had a choice of two parties.’
    • ‘And there has been some - I guess the best way you can put it, is some malcontents there who's been taking their shots.’
    • ‘It is time to get serious, he tells the malcontents, they should stop ‘messing around’.’
    • ‘From the start, those that have championed the path of anarchy have exposed themselves as malcontents with selfish interests at heart.’
    • ‘The St Lucia Labour Party felt that this offer would deprive them of this pool of malcontents whose misery they could exploit for political reasons at election time.’
    • ‘Its long-sought independence from Indonesia, finally delivered last August, is said to have given voice to other malcontents around the region.’
    • ‘They always are and always will be vicious malcontents.’
    • ‘This year the Minnesota Vikings traded him to the Oakland Raiders, who are known for embracing malcontents.’
    • ‘It was a few people around McCain, a couple editors at the Standard, and some miscellaneous other GOP malcontents and polemicists.’
    • ‘But in the early 1920s the National Socialist German Workers' Party was also a small group of malcontents and political chancers.’
    • ‘Many junior officers became naysayers and malcontents.’
    • ‘There is no room for malcontents or troublemakers - an issue Button had to deal with or lose promising coach Greg Gilbert.’
    • ‘With just over two weeks remaining before the Afghan presidential elections, the malcontents have already lost.’
    • ‘Turnbull's ironically named ‘Best’ ticket obviously thinks it will have the numbers to dump 5 malcontents from the board.’
    • ‘While this may describe the current state of affairs for many malcontents, it's inconsistent with the 10 fire-starters that precede it.’
    • ‘I attended a protest event on the Boston Common Tuesday afternoon that featured the usual cast of leftist malcontents.’
    troublemaker, mischief-maker, agitator, dissentient, dissident, rebel
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  • Dissatisfied and complaining or making trouble.

    ‘the malcontent generals saw their role as leaders of this counterrevolution’
    • ‘With Warrick, the Bengals could unload malcontent Carl Pickens.’
    • ‘And they made a substantial change, like moving talented malcontent Raul Mondesi to Toronto and getting in return Shawn Green, whom everyone sees as a superstar in waiting.’
    • ‘But as he was relied on more and more to save the day, our malcontent primate became a viable source of heroism, humor, and unpredictability.’
    • ‘Should every high school be running its own malcontent search engine?’
    • ‘Agents in black suits stood on the steps of the Capitol building to make sure the mass of malcontent demonstrators didn't barge inside.’
    • ‘You're right that pickiness can be a kind of malcontent rejection of the goodness God sends our way.’
    • ‘Even if it's revealed that Doom 3 will revolve around a feline assisting a malcontent teen and a hapless FBI agent in solving a kidnapping, I'll still buy it.’
    • ‘Itinerant malcontent Ben Rumson saves the life of a stranger injured in a runaway wagon accident.’
    • ‘Mr. Campbell says his ordeal with the ministry was not triggered by a malcontent offspring, but by the estranged mother of his eight children, who range in age from one to 13.’
    • ‘Winning hearts and minds took a backseat to overawing malcontent factions with an overwhelming and, for all intents and purposes, enduring show of force.’
    • ‘Saddled with retirement, shocked by the sudden death of his wife, Schmidt (played by a very remarkable Nicholson) has only his malcontent daughter's wedding in front of him.’
    • ‘But the Hawks have given Stotts terrible teams with malcontent stars and awful role players.’
    • ‘At the same time, Jean Charest had not yet won acceptance as an alternative premier among francophones, so malcontent Liberal voters were temporarily redirected to the rising ADQ.’
    • ‘Yep, just this past Friday, while you were reading Zack's hilariously malcontent article about NASA's shortcomings, I was busy getting diagnosed with mono.’
    • ‘With a chronically malcontent mother and a father for whom all of life's best opportunities appear to have passed him by, is singularly determined.’
    • ‘One of them, John Cecil, was a malcontent soldier.’
    • ‘Though Everett's flamboyant-yet-vulnerable performance is the showcase, Firth is his perfect foil as the deliciously snotty malcontent Tommy Judd.’
    • ‘Getting rid of malcontent Raul Mondesi should do a lot to help an uneven chemistry in the clubhouse, though Garry Sheffield remains a simmering pot.’
    • ‘First they shipped malcontent Bonzi Wells to Memphis in exchange for Wes Person and a conditional first-round draft pick.’
    • ‘With every extra day which passes of the strike that has removed the NHL from centre stage, another 24 hours of potential dialogue between the feuding owners and their malcontent players is lost.’
    disaffected, discontented, dissatisfied, disgruntled
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Late 16th century: from French, from mal ‘badly, ill’ + content ‘pleased’.