Definition of malacostracan in US English:



  • A crustacean of the large class Malacostraca, such as a crab, shrimp, or lobster.

    • ‘The mouth of malacostracans leads to a two-chambered stomach, which possesses a grinding structure called the gastric mill.’
    • ‘Shifts between aquatic and terrestrial habitats were likely promoted by the availability of malacostracans in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats.’
    • ‘Malacostracans play such an important role in aquatic ecosystems that their conservation is an important issue.’
    • ‘Both the fishing and farming of malacostracans can be environmentally damaging.’
    • ‘Malacostracans exhibit the hard, calcified exoskeleton typical of crustaceans.’


  • Relating to or denoting malacostracans.

    • ‘Neuroblasts in many malacostracan crustaceans arise and behave differently from their counterparts in Drosophila.’
    • ‘Classical eyestalk ablation experiments have demonstrated that malacostracan reproduction is under sinus gland control.’
    • ‘Therefore, the homology of entomostracan and malacostracan neuronal stem cells remains uncertain.’
    • ‘Several malacostracan species are important in aquaculture and food industries.’
    • ‘In a study of 47 species of malacostracan arthropods, Becker found that most of the taxa were not heavily fouled.’