Definition of malachite in US English:



  • A bright green mineral consisting of copper hydroxyl carbonate. It typically occurs in masses and fibrous aggregates with azurite and is capable of taking a high polish.

    • ‘Dark blue stubby pyramidal azurite crystals and green botryoidal-shaped radial aggregates of malachite.’
    • ‘Other secondary copper minerals associated with the chrysocolla are malachite, cuprite, and tenorite.’
    • ‘This sample of malachite has a distinctly different appearance.’
    • ‘Nowadays it is often found with malachite, a green copper carbonate.’
    • ‘Some of the most attractive contain spraylike aggregates of velvety malachite in and on lustrous blue-black azurite crystals.’


Late Middle English: from Old French melochite, via Latin from Greek molokhitis, from molokhē, variant of malakhē ‘mallow’.