Definition of mala fides in US English:

mala fides


  • Bad faith; intent to deceive.

    • ‘It is not really a question of demonstrating mala fides on the part of the decision-maker, as they seem to be suggesting at page 105.’
    • ‘Their statements in recent months provide irrefutable proof of the mala fides of any such legislation.’
    • ‘As the transaction was for valuable consideration, there is no presumption of mala fides.’
    • ‘I am not suggesting any mala fides, all I am saying is that there is a system.’
    • ‘The transcript of the bail hearing at which Mr. Goody participated shows no evidence of malice or other mala fides by Mr. Goody.’
    • ‘Where such alternatives are available, the Appellant will not assert mala fides.’




mala fides

/ˌmalə ˈfīdēz/