Definition of mal de mer in US English:

mal de mer


  • Seasickness.

    • ‘He had been feeling definite symptoms of mal de mer, caused more from his previous evening's carousing than from the motion of the boat.’
    • ‘I have seen all too many a fisherperson's day ruined by the onset of mal de mer, so I wanted to share some tips I've learned over the years.’
    • ‘Being seasick, or, mal de mer, as the French say, is not fun.’
    • ‘Secondly, alcohol is a major dehydrator; heat, wave motion and booze cruising is a sure recipe for spiraling mal de mer.’
    • ‘It has become one of the most popular mal de mer remedies and many say it's the only thing that brings them relief.’
    • ‘They also have shown in very good studies that the best drug for mal de mer is scopolamine, recently placed back on the market by the FDA in transdermal form.’




mal de mer

/ˌmal də ˈmer/