Definition of Makua in US English:



  • 1A member of a people inhabiting the border regions of Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania.

    • ‘On his mother's side, he is a descendent of the Makuas, a group of Muslim East African slaves who were shipwrecked off the coast of South Africa in 1855.’
    • ‘Indeed, a privilege to contribute to the work here between the Makuas.’
    • ‘Slaves bought in Mozambique were often from the Makua, Yao or Maravi groups, who practised dental decoration of the patterns noted in these skeletons.’
    • ‘Makua people maintain strongly that they trust in God- ‘the invisible one’ and dispute bitterly claim that before the arrival of the Arabs and the white man Makuas were pagans and worshipped trees and idols.’
    • ‘The leaflet accused President Chissano of regionalism, and of discriminating against Makuas (the main ethnic group in Nampula).’
  • 2The Bantu language of the Makua.

    • ‘In the north, the Bantu languages of Yao and Makua predominate; in the Zambezi Valley, it is Nyanja is the dominant languages; and in the south, Tsonga is spoken.’
    • ‘The EA omits key oral history data that establishes the importance of Makua to cultural practitioners.’
    • ‘This continuum is then used as a grid in discussing the status of the varieties of Makua and their potential for language development.’


A local name.