Definition of making in US English:



  • 1The process of making or producing something.

    ‘the making of videos’
    in combination ‘glassmaking’
    • ‘The essence of these reforms is to further promote and facilitate the making of agreements at the workplace level.’
    • ‘They research for biographical, theoretical and historical points of decision makings and portray an unusual life between philosophy and revolt.’
    • ‘The applicant contends that he did not authorise the making of those consent orders.’
    • ‘For example, we developed every major innovation in the iron and steel making process.’
    • ‘Moreover, actual decision making was more complex than simply one drug and its attendant cluster of factors.’
    • ‘Should children not be involved in the actual making of those films?’
    • ‘Mr Goldberg accepts in those circumstances that Mr Brannigan orally authorised the making of the application.’
    • ‘But Parker and Stone confirm the actual making of the film has been laborious and exhausting.’
    manufacture, manufacturing, mass production, building, construction, assembly, production, producing, creation, creating, putting together, modelling, fabrication, invention, forming, formation, moulding, forging, composition
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  • 2makingsEssential qualities or ingredients needed for something.

    ‘a film with all the makings of a cinematic success’
    • ‘The production is called ‘Red Riding Hood’ and I believe it's got all the makings of a hilarious night of entertainment.’
    • ‘Amit Roy reports on the makings of a fine literary kerfuffle.’
    • ‘I ran a vague idea past him feeling a bit unsure and between us, bouncing ideas of each other, I now have the makings of a really good plot I think…’
    • ‘Put all these volatile elements together and we certainly have the makings of a heady, and potentially somewhat unstable, mixture for investment opportunities.’
    • ‘Significantly, a small district in Andhra Pradesh offers a few lessons on the makings of a people-friendly system of administration.’
    • ‘We have the makings there but the staff really need more support.’
    • ‘Toss in anxiety about consumerism, the environment, commercialism, sex and violence and you've got the makings of a great play.’
    • ‘Essentially, we now have the makings of a scrap over Britain's life companies that was predicted by this paper at the turn of the year.’
    • ‘Northampton have got the stadium, they've got the fans, and now, thanks to Bruce Reihana, they may have the makings of a serious Heineken Cup challenge.’
    • ‘It had all the makings of a tragedy and shows the dangers of candles and the importance of smoke alarms.’
    • ‘Our offer was accepted this morning and there is no chain in either direction, so fingers crossed, it has the makings of a smooth operation.’
    • ‘‘Eddie's got the makings of a driver who can win motor races, but he's got to focus more,’ said Stewart.’
    • ‘The prohibition on capital controls has the makings of a US foreign policy debacle.’
    • ‘If cut for lumber, this single tree would yield 600, 120 board feet, the makings of 40 five-room houses.’
    • ‘We should have the makings of a very workable plan so we can have an orderly evacuation of Port-of-Spain.’
    • ‘A dual-winner last season, Josh has the makings of a high-class horse and, although unproven over this seven furlongs I think he will cope with the longer trip.’
    • ‘A nice day weather-wise is always the makings of the event.’
    • ‘And this spring has the makings of a property bonanza with the lowest mortgage rates in 35 years available amid cut-throat competition.’
    • ‘Sounds like the makings of a nice political thriller.’
    • ‘The Penguins had all the makings of a Cup contender: a lethal offense, good goaltending, and good coaching.’
    qualities, characteristics, ingredients, potential, promise, capacity, capability
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    1. 2.1makingsNorth American, Australian, NZ informal Paper and tobacco for rolling a cigarette.
      • ‘Deputy French took a small white bag of tobacco from his shirt pocket, shaking the makings into a waiting cigarette paper, he began to roll it round.’
  • 3makingsdated, informal Money made; earnings or profit.


  • be the making of someone

    • Ensure someone's success or favorable development.

      ‘this place has been the making of me in many ways’
      • ‘A lot of needling went on just about constantly, but it was the making of you in a strange way.’
      • ‘Ironically, Stuart's 14 years in jail were the making of him.’
      • ‘But if McConnell can stand the strain, some allies also believe it could be the making of him.’
      • ‘The workingclass background will be the making of him.’
      • ‘He says that it was the making of him - that he came back from his hell a better person.’
      • ‘Years later, the same traits have been the making of him.’
      • ‘Recovering from this breakdown was the making of him, he says now.’
      • ‘I was quite happy to accept the pressures and responsibilities, and in many ways it's been the making of me.’
      • ‘‘The army or navy can be the making of them,’ he says.’
      • ‘He got into trouble with the law at an early age with him being sent to an Approved School, a move which he said was the making of him.’
  • in the making

    • In the process of developing or being made.

      ‘a campaign that's been two years in the making’
      • ‘It is the way of the grown-up world, we are told, and aren't we a world city in the making?’
      • ‘Six years in the making and England have a cricket team to be proud of.’
      • ‘A replica traction engine more than a decade in the making by a father and son team is almost complete.’
      • ‘Although he looks to be a chaser in the making, Laouen is currently showing rapid progress over hurdles.’
      • ‘Then, there you are, seated among the stars with a front-line view of movie history in the making.’
      • ‘An Irish point-to-point winner last year, Galero is a steeplechaser in the making.’
      • ‘But most of the cases have been a long time in the making and are still struggling to reach resolution.’
      • ‘It was news in the making; made entirely by Alastair Campbell and in precisely the way he wanted.’
      • ‘When he says the opinion of good men is knowledge in the making, he means good men, not clever men.’
      • ‘In other words you could be looking at documentary history in the making.’
      budding, burgeoning, coming, emergent, growing, developing, nascent, potential, promising, up and coming, incipient
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  • of one's (own) making

    • (of a difficulty) caused by oneself.

      • ‘If you make a mistake, you apologise. You do not denigrate someone else to get yourself out of a hole of your own making.’
      • ‘Now I know that there is no way to get over the trauma of my own making but by myself.’
      • ‘However, we have tried to turn a difficult situation not of our making into an opportunity.’
      • ‘Mention of the Stamford Bridge club brings into focus a difficulty for Fletcher that is not of his own making.’
      • ‘We appear caught in a new type of security dilemma of our own making.’
      • ‘‘Do not,’ I said, ‘say there is no problem when I'm in the middle of a problem of your making.’’
      • ‘I say to the Labor Party, this is a problem of your own making.’
      • ‘Walk away from a mess that is none of your making.’
      • ‘It was those ‘who decided not to accept that offer’ who are now faced with difficulties of their own making, he said.’
      • ‘The respondent submits that the applicant's difficulties are of his own making.’