Definition of makeready in English:



  • 1Preparation and adjustment of a press for printing.

  • 2(in letterpress printing) final adjustment of the pressure exerted on all parts of a forme, using overlays and underlays in different areas as required.

    • ‘User-friendly V - 30 controls deliver all the advanced features necessary to keep productivity high and makeready waste low.’
    • ‘This could result in a great increase in production time because less makeready time is needed.’
    • ‘If the job is to be printed digitally, the only way to accommodate these situations is to scan the hard copies to electronic files and perform makeready on the job.’
    • ‘In the preferred embodiment, the marks 22 are pre-printed on the makeready tape 10.’
    • ‘Cutting makeready time by up to 20% enables ADAST users to produce print jobs faster and more profitably.’