Definition of make way in US English:

make way


  • 1Allow room for someone or something else.

    ‘the land is due to be bulldozed to make way for a parking garage’
    • ‘‘Companies have been telling employees who don't want to move to make way for Olympic venues that if you don't go, you'll be out of a job,’ he said.’
    • ‘The historic market, at the heart of town life for centuries, will be leaving the town for good to make way for redevelopment.’
    • ‘Two houses would have to be demolished to make way for the scheme.’
    • ‘Since then vast tracts of fields and woodlands have disappeared to make way for housing and other development.’
    • ‘So he set out, but on the road and in the village no one made way for him, and when he begged no one gave him alms.’
    • ‘Peter congratulated him before asking which unfortunate soul had been dropped to make way for his young brother.’
    • ‘In some cases they have been ousted to make way for senior officials.’
    • ‘Mr and Mrs Sweeney hope to be in their new bungalow by the first week in February, to make way for the school's new caretaker.’
    • ‘We just threw all my stuff against the walls of the room to make way for the bed.’
    • ‘They got rid of the only hospital in town to make way for a motorway that allowed tourists going to the Lake District to get past us a bit quicker.’
    move aside, clear the way, make a space, make room, stand back
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  • 2Nautical
    Make progress; travel.

    • ‘I hadn't yet hired a car, so I scanned the available rental counters and made way for Budget.’
    • ‘After trading our purchased drink tickets for beers, we made way to the complimentary buffet.’
    • ‘Alan clutched his bag and made way to the door.’
    • ‘She thought about the men running the ship, in the cold night air, making way over the deep ocean.’
    • ‘After this uninformed assessment we proceeded and made way out of Road Town toward Norman Island.’
    • ‘Henrietta, shouldering an opened parasol, followed the tapping of Josh's cane as they made way slowly to the pier.’
    • ‘Seeing the sun beginning to set he made way for his balcony.’
    • ‘We booked into our hotel suite, and then made way down towards the beach.’
    • ‘On deck, he made way toward William, who he saw as soon as he came.’
    • ‘The Hornet set sail and made way for the launch point Southeast of Japan's coast line.’
    move aside, clear the way, make a space, make room, stand back
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