Definition of make the acquaintance of (or make someone's acquaintance) in US English:

make the acquaintance of (or make someone's acquaintance)


  • Meet someone for the first time and become only slightly familiar.

    ‘they are anxious to make your acquaintance’
    • ‘Wherever he went, he made friends and, not surprisingly, both at home and abroad his sudden and tragic death has left a huge void for all to those privileged to make his acquaintance.’
    • ‘What a surreal pleasure to make Gibb 's acquaintance.’
    • ‘He was held in the warmest regard by all who were indeed fortunate enough to make his acquaintance.’
    • ‘It was a pleasure and a delight to make his acquaintance…’
    • ‘Remember the name, as it's well worth making their acquaintance.’
    • ‘Mr. Holmes, I'm honoured to make your acquaintance.’
    • ‘And like most people I've encountered there, I don't recall the specifics of making his acquaintance.’
    • ‘The entire executive would welcome the opportunity to make her acquaintance.’
    • ‘Each will have a special anecdote of their friend Michael and his memory will long be cherished by all who were indeed fortunate to make his acquaintance.’
    • ‘It was a pleasure to have made your acquaintance and to have met your wonderful dedicated team.’
    • ‘Her gentle, good humoured and obliging nature, mild manner and unassuming disposition commended her to all fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.’
    • ‘Venus lives with her husband in Vancouver, and we look forward to making her acquaintance.’
    • ‘Mark was seemingly intent on making his acquaintance with anyone from the opposite sex.’
    • ‘And I, it must be said, was particularly pleased to have made the reporter 's acquaintance.’
    • ‘Harry and Dolly will be pleased to make their acquaintance again, too.’
    • ‘I am pleased to make your acquaintance, for I have always wished to meet a Master Bard.’
    • ‘John Raw has a liking for comic roles, and it is easy to see why on making his acquaintance.’
    • ‘It's been marvellous to make his acquaintance and it's great that he's still on the end of a phone call.’
    • ‘Those of us who were fortunate to make his acquaintance during his brief stay in the city know only of his quiet courtesy and readiness to help others.’
    • ‘I much look forward to making his acquaintance.’
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