Definition of make sure in US English:

make sure


  • 1usually with clause Establish that something is definitely so; confirm.

    ‘go and make sure she's all right’
    • ‘The certifier makes sure the driver has mastered the previous lessons before moving on.’
    • ‘A software legal advisor makes sure the evidence is admissible, convincing and legally obtained.’
    • ‘We carried out a check on all other bridges in the area and made sure they were secure.’
    • ‘Your sister and I have made sure that the treaty was settled fairly and ratified on both sides.’
    • ‘Removing the loads, he checked them and made sure the barrels were clear.’
    • ‘I made sure that they were definitely gone before stepping out from my hiding place.’
    • ‘He makes sure he has a warrant of fitness, he does everything right, and he goes on the road and is completely within the Road Code.’
    • ‘Kirsty spends most of her waking hours doing the housework and making sure her mother has everything she needs.’
    • ‘We made sure we had the bear spray handy before wading into the river to fish.’
    check, confirm, make certain, ensure
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    1. 1.1 Ensure that something is done or happens.
      ‘he made sure that his sons were well educated’
      • ‘Yet neither government has proved capable of making sure that money is well spent.’
      • ‘Thus, the government was just making sure that nothing would happen on the day before.’
      • ‘We want to keep children in their school but make sure that they get very targeted support.’
      • ‘The little girl supported his arm, making sure he did not fall to the ground.’
      • ‘He needs instead to make sure that he can keep their support in the second vote on Thursday.’
      • ‘So you can buy a guarantee to make sure the annuity pays out for at least five or ten years, even if you die.’
      check, confirm, make certain, ensure
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