Definition of make something over in US English:

make something over

phrasal verb

  • 1Transfer the possession of something to someone.

    ‘if he dies childless he is to make over his share of the estate to his brother’
    • ‘A century later, two neighbouring estates were amalgamated, creating a marvel of vistas and architecture which was eventually made over to the nation in 1841.’
    • ‘The property would not be made over to Mr Kirk, but on the other hand must be made safe for Thomas and his family.’
    • ‘You have the property, you are living in the property, you have not made anything over to your former partner, nor your children.’
    transfer, sign over, turn over, hand over, hand on, give, hand down, leave, bequeath, bestow, pass on, devolve, transmit, cede, deliver, assign, consign, convey, entrust
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  • 2Completely transform or remodel something, especially a person's hairstyle, makeup, or clothes.

    • ‘Its angle is to take a group of plain Janes, make them over into glamour girls, and then have them all take part in a season-ending beauty pageant.’
    • ‘The whole group is coming over to my house to make me over.’
    • ‘The team will pick audience members and make them over, sharing their expertise and tricks of the trade.’
    • ‘‘We're going to make you over,’ Kendall said, sitting me down in a chair.’
    • ‘Wilma makes Fred over as a smooth Casanova, but when it goes to his head, she decides she likes him better the way he was.’
    • ‘Agents are experts at recognizing raw talents but may make you over to fit with the look of the moment.’
    • ‘Didn't Jess and I do a good job in making her over, Scott?’
    • ‘My hair is a dirty-dishwater color,’ wrote Hope, in giving us reasons to make her over.’
    • ‘Rarely did I ever let Sarah make me over but when she did I was always amazed at her power to erase all the little flaws that made me self-conscious at times.’
    • ‘Paul Rudd plays Adam, a nerdy undergrad who falls for Evelyn, an iconoclastic art student hellbent on making him over.’